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Vintage -1970s Longchamp 7-Piece Cordial Set by Cristal D’Arques-Durand

Set of 6 Cristal D’Arques-Durand Genuine Lead Crystal Glasses French Vintage Shot Glasses Longchamp

Design Cristal D’Arques-Durand Longchamp (Clear Cristal) Cordial 9 3/4″ Decanter

* Sparkling, 24% Full Lead Crystal

* Designed and made in France

* Deep, diamond cuts refracting the light

* Durable design

Longchamp is made from pure, 24% Full Lead crystal exclusively by Cristal D’Arques, Paris, in its own facility.

The 7-piece liqueur set, complete with a 16-3/4-ounce decanter and six 1-3/4-ounce shot glasses adds a celebratory to any occasion. The elegant decanter rests on a stable, squared base, arcs delicately to a balloon-shaped holding reservoir, and gracefully rises to a thin, slender neck. The top is sealed with a matching stopper. The six matching glasses rise from a wide, stable base, narrow slightly at the middle, and flare out at the top for easy drinking. The set creates a visual distinction that sets it apart and makes a statement you and your guests will love. It’s always the right choice for special moments and also great for giving an added emphasis to less formal events.

These glasses are in excellent vintage condition with no damage.

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